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Shirley White Violins, a full service workshop offering:

•    Violin, Viola and Cello repair
•    Set up
•    Tonal adjustment
•    Restoration
•    Bow repair and rehairing
•    Consultation


I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with violin family instruments for 25 years now. Listening carefully to musicians' concerns, I work with them to resolve issues of sound, tone quality, and playability. For each repair, large or small, I formulate a plan that is appropriate for the instrument.

I prefer to work in a manner closely aligned with conservation. Preservation of original material and varnish is important, as is utilizing traditional materials and minimally invasive techniques. I strive to achieve a balance between structural integrity and good sound production, while respecting the maker’s aesthetic and acoustic ideas. The woods I use are carefully selected to appropriately match your instrument. I use only the finest repair and set up materials to insure the longevity of the repair work I perform for you.

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