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Shirley is a *magician* with string instruments!! She takes time and listens deeply to the instrument AND the player. She knows right away what's wrong and what's right about the health of whatever is on her bench. I would take any of my instruments to Shirley anytime (and I do)! They always come away miles better.

—Bruce Molsky

I received my violin yesterday - WOW!! It's like nothing ever happened to it!  Thank you so much for all of your talent and hard work. I can't tell you how much this means to me!  Thanks again for being patient with it and for making a sad, flooded violin come back to its beautiful life!

—Maren Rosen

In 2017, I took my 125-year-old cello to Shirley White for a number of open cracks on the table. She meticulously cleaned, glued, and cleated all the cracks.  We conferred frequently during the process, and she was always candid and honest about the repairs.  She was receptive and flexible regarding cost-saving measures as well.  The cello came back to me sounding better than it ever had, beautifully polished, with a very finely-fitted new bridge.  Over a year later, the cello is still rock solid, even after the punishingly-humid summer of 2018.  I recommend Shirley to all my students and colleagues!

— Mark Fraser
Cellist, Adaskin String Trio
Executive Artistic Director,  Mohawk Trail Concerts

Shirley restored an old family heirloom viola for me. She did meticulous work and fully explained the process to me. She also was able to give me some of the history and background of the instrument which was interesting. I would highly recommend her work.

– Sarah Shepard Procko

Shirley restored my violin, which was very old and had become unstable over time. I had put off having the restoration for years because I knew the sound would change somewhat. But when it was time, I knew that I could entrust Shirley with my violin. She understood what I loved about my instrument and worked hard to preserve that core timbre. She kept me apprised of progress with photos and clear explanations. All of her patches and repairs were beautifully done, and the restored instrument is wonderful. Shirley's deep love of and reverence for wood, instruments, and music is reflected in all of her work.


 - Leah Weiss

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